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Ozone – Hyperlink V1 – Normal

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Innovation is often inspired by being in the right place, at the right time, with all the right connections coming together allowing the genesis of a new vision or era. The Hyperlink is our vision to take you into that new era.

The design brief was outrageous – develop a kite to bridge the gap between inflatable and foil kites while making it excel on water, snow and land.

The Hyperlink is a true multipurpose foil kite, it brings together the performance of a foil with the feeling of an inflatable. One kite to cover almost every aspect of Kiting! Free ride, hydrofoil, boost and float, air style or unhooked, backcountry snow missions, you name it and it delivers.

The Hyperlink is unique, it’s the first foil kite to be as dynamic and fun to ride as a performance inflatable. With an unparalleled level of stability, handling and bar feeling the Hyperlink takes it to the next level.

With an innovative valve design it can be ridden on the water, snow and land safely, as a Closed Cell or Open Cell kite.

We know many inflatable kite riders can see the advantages of high performance foil kites such as the Chrono or R1, however the bridle lines and complexity can be daunting. The Hyperlink is simple and user friendly, the mid aspect ratio and minimal bridle plan makes taking the jump from inflatable to foil kite easy!

No matter how hard-core inflatable you are, now is the time to expand your universe. Take that step into the unknown – the reward is more adrenaline, more riding time and a new feeling!

  • The kite is water re-launchable, but we recommend that you keep it flying and out of the water if possible! A drainage system on the wing tip allows any water that may have entered the kite to drain out. Do not use the kite in waves.
  •  Always use a Brake Handle when flying a foil kite. This is the handle/line spanned between the back leader lines on your control system. This easy to grab handle makes inflation, self-landing and reverse launch easier.
  • This kite features a simple yet effective front line flag out release (4-Line mode) or optional 5-Line Re-Ride Release. *Only use the 5-Line release when the kite is in Open Cell mode. After releasing the flag out you should check the speed system, bridle lines and flying lines for twists before restart.
  • Speed System and Bridle lines should be regularly checked and maintained in the correct trim or the kite will not perform as designed. If they are worn or not to factory specification (+ or – 15mm) they must be replaced. How To videos and a Bridle Check PDF with all measurements can be found at
Informations complémentaires

Ozone Kiteboarding Foil


5m2, 7m2, 9m2, 12m2


Rouge, Bleue pétrole, Jaune

Plage de vent

Plage de vent

Plage de vent pour une utilisation neige/terre

Plage de vent pour une utilisation eau

La plage de vent est basée sur un rideur de 80 Kg. Ce n’est pas une valeur absolue, elle dépend du support utilisé, de l’altitude,..

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